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Purge threats cause officials to postpone scrimmage

Most will remember The Purge as a movie that didn't live up to the hype. For the people of Louisville, Ky. and the Simon Kenton football program it brings about different thoughts.
When a flier posted in Louisville on social media warning citizens of a purge -- as depicted in the film -- to take place on Friday Aug. 15 from 8:00pm-6:30am went viral it changed a lot about their first pseudo game of the season.
One big hitch in the plan, for the creator(s) of this document: laws in the metro area haven't been discontinued, as they were in the movie. What was confirmed to be a hoax by an Iroquois High School student (who has since apologized for the rumor getting out of hand) was taken seriously by the authorities in Louisville as well as the FBI.
The Northern Kentucky Board of Education took precautions, as well. Its member school, Simon Kenton, had a preseason scrimmage game scheduled for 7:30pm Friday night at St. Xavier. The members of the board decided the threats were too much of a risk and didn't grant permission for the Pioneers to make the trip.
In lieu of Friday's game the Tigers will now travel to Independence, Ky., for a morning scrimmage on Simon Kenton's home field.