Freshman Spotlight: Sugar Ray Whyce

The 2017 class is shaping up to be extremely solid with a lot of talented freshman to be. Kentucky Preps will be taking a look at some of the best freshman to be in a series called Freshman Spotlight. We'll be asking each of the players 20 questions to get to know some of them as they start their high school career.
2017 Eastern Guard Sugar Ray Whyce played basketball for F.O.C.U.S. this Summer. He will play for Easter High School this coming season.
Q. (Donald Yaste): What Highschool will you be attending?
A. (Sugar Ray Whyce): Eastern High School.
Q. (DY): How has this Summer prepared you for this coming high school season?
A. (SW): Playing with the Eastern High School summer basketball team has prepared me for the speed of the game.
Q. (DY): What expectations do you have for yourself going into this high school season?
A. (SW): To start varsity as a freshman.
Q. (DY): What are your expectations for your team?
A. (SW): To beat Ballard, win district and to prove everyone wrong.
Q. (DY): What is your current height and weight?
A. (SW): I'm 5'8" 140 pounds.
Q. (DY): Describe your style of play?
A. (SW): I'm more of a pass first player, but will score when needed.
Q. (DY): What are you strengths?
A. (SW): My strengths are creating plays and defense.
Q. (DY): What are your weaknesses?
A. (SW): Shooting is my biggest weakness.
Q. (DY): What do you hope to accomplish through playing basketball?
A. (SW): An academic and athletic scholarship.
Q. (DY): Have any colleges reached out to you at this point? If so who?
A. (SW): No, but I hope to get some soon.
Q. (DY): What is your greatest fear?
A. (SW): Life long injury.
Q. (DY): What is your best characteristic?
A. (SW): I am very social, I can talk to almost anyone.
Q. (DY): What is your nickname and how did you get it?
A. (SW): My nickname is Suge, which is short for Sugar Ray.
Q. (DY): What is one hidden talent you possess?
A. (SW): Being able to say the alphabet backwards, and fast.
Q. (DY): What is your favorite quote?
A. (SW): "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
Q. (DY): What is your favorite food?
A. (SW): My favorite food would have to be Ramen Noodles.
Q. (DY): Who is your biggest role model?
A. (SW): My mom, because she always strives to do her best.
Q. (DY): What's your dream school?
A. (SW): My dream school is the University of Louisville.
Q. (DY): Who is your dream coach?
A. (SW): My favorite coach is Tom Thibodeau because he's all about "Defense first."
Q. (DY): Whose game to you model yours after?
A. (SW): I don't try to model my game like anyone else's. I just try to perfect everything I do on the court.