Freshman Spotlight: Haeli Howard

The 2017 class is shaping up to be extremely solid with a lot of talented freshman to be. Kentucky Preps will be taking a look at some of the best freshman girls to be in a series called Freshman Spotlight. We'll be asking each of the players 20 questions to get to know some of them as they start their high school career.
2017 Marion County Point Guard Haeli Howard played for Kentucky Premier this Summer at the 15/16/17U levels. She was also the sixth man for the undefeated state champion Marion County last season. She averaged 7 points, 2 steals and 2 assists per game for the Lady Knights.
Q. (Donald Yaste): What Highschool will you be attending?
A. (Haeli Howard): Marion County High School.
Q. (DY): How has this Summer prepared you for this coming high school season?
A. (HH): I was able to play against the best players in the country, and at times playing against girls that are 3 to 4 years older than me, it should help this year.
Q. (DY): What expectations do you have for yourself going into this high school season?
A. (HH): To compete at a high level at all times and help my team win the games we will need to win.
Q. (DY): What are your expectations for your team?
A. (HH): To play hard at all times, go for our 7th district title in a row and compete in the 5th region tournament.
Q. (DY): What is your current height and weight?
A. (HH): I'm 5'4-1/2" and weigh 110 pounds.
Q. (DY): Describe your style of play?
A. (HH): I'm a PG that loves to get into the open floor to create my offense, not only for myself but for my team.
Q. (DY): What are you strengths?
A. (HH): Seeing the floor, getting my teammates involved, my desire to play great defense and to "GET BUCKETS".
Q. (DY): What are your weaknesses?
A. (HH): I don't like to call them my weaknesses, but my improvement areas. My main improvement area would be my midrange jump shot off the dribble.
Q. (DY): What do you hope to accomplish through playing basketball?
A. (HH): My ultimate goal is to stay in basketball, wherever that may take me. It will take a lot of hard work, but I'm up for the challenge.
Q. (DY): Have any colleges reached out to you at this point? If so who?
A. (HH): I've received numerous letters over the last 3 years and have recently spoken with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the University of Dayton.
Q. (DY): What is your greatest fear?
A. (HH): Career ending injury.
Q. (DY): What is your best characteristic?
A. (HH): Tend to get along with everyone, very easy going.
Q. (DY): What is your nickname and how did you get it?
A. (HH): Lil Bit/Spark Plug. Anthony and Makalya Epps started that nickname because of my size, and the energy that I brought to the floor.
Q. (DY): What is one hidden talent you possess?
A. (HH): Soccer.
Q. (DY): What is your favorite quote?
A. (HH): "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen."
Q. (DY): What is your favorite food?
A. (HH): Mexican.
Q. (DY): Who is your biggest role model?
A. (HH): Skylar Diggins.
Q. (DY): What's your dream school?
A. (HH): I have a few in mind, but would like to keep those to myself at this time.
Q. (DY): Who is your dream coach?
A. (HH): Pat Summit.
Q. (DY): Whose game to you model yours after?
A. (HH): Diana Taurasi.