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Freshman Spotlight: David Sloan

The 2017 class is shaping up to be extremely solid with a lot of talented freshman to be. Kentucky Preps will be taking a look at some of the best freshman to be in a series called Freshman Spotlight. We'll be asking each of the players 20 questions to get to know some of them as they start their high school career.
2017 Moore G David Sloan is the next freshman we're spotlighting. Sloan is arguably the best freshman in the city of Louisville, he can shoot it and has very nice ball handling skills at this stage. He averaged 15.3 points per game for Hoops Elite who won the 14U division at Eddie Ford.
Q. (Donald Yaste): What High School will you be attending?
A. (David Sloan): Moore.
Q. (DY): How has this Summer prepared you for this coming high school season?
A. (DS): It prepared me great for the season.
Q. (DY): What expectations do you have for yourself going into this high school season?
A. (DS): To create, dish, score & defend.
Q. (DY): What are your expectations for you team?
A. (DS): We'll be the underdog.
Q. (DY): What is your current height and weight?
A. (DS): I'm 5'7 138 pounds.
Q. (DY): Describe your style of play?
A. (DS): I'm a scorer.
Q. (DY): What are you strengths?
A. (DS): Shooting & getting to the bucket.
Q. (DY): What are your weaknesses?
A. (DS): My pull-up.
Q. (DY): What do you hope to accomplish through playing basketball?
A. (DS): Getting a Division-1 scholarship.
Q. (DY): Have any colleges reached out to you at this point? If so who?
A. (DS): They've watched me but not yet.
Q. (DY): What is your greatest fear?
A. (DS): God.
Q. (DY): What is your best characteristic?
A. (DS): Just being me.
Q. (DY): What is your nickname and how did you get it?
A. (DS): Dayday & my parents gave it to me.
Q. (DY): What is one hidden talent you possess?
A. (DS): I don't know.
Q. (DY): What is your favorite quote?
A. (DS): Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
Q. (DY): What is your favorite food?
A. (DS): Pizza.
Q. (DY): Who is your biggest role model?
A. (DS): Stephen Curry & Quentin Snider.
Q. (DY): What's your dream school?
A. (DS): Duke, OSU, Kentucky and Michigan.
Q. (DY): Who is your dream coach?
A. (DS): John Calipari.
Q. (DY): Who's game do you model yours after?
A. (DS): Stephen Curry and a little bit of Quentin Snider.
Here are some highlights of Sloan from last high school season when he averaged 2.0 points per game as an 8th grader: