John Hardin High School -home to top prospect Matt Elam- is the subject of our most recent practice report.
Elam seems to be a fun-loving guy who is really enjoying the situation he is in and the recruiting process in which he is currently going through. He completely understands the rarity of his situation and is very grateful for the opportunities put forth in front of him. Like, trips to see schools he may have never seen otherwise, meeting living legends like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, and the mass amount of fans that blow up his interaction feed on Twitter begging him to choose their favorite school. Matt is taking none of that for granted and thinks that all of these coaches, fans and other recruits pushing him hard to be on their team is crazy.
Though with his decision still a bit off into the distance, he has no favorite and no idea where he would like to go. Deciding between Alabama, Kentucky, Louisville, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Tennessee isn't going to be easy. If you set aside the two instate schools you have all national powerhouses in recruiting at least, as Tennessee has struggled in recent years on the field.
The Cats and the Cards may not fit the bill that the rest of the suitors in the hunt for Elam do. An outsider may even think neither program has a chance to land him but in the Bluegrass it is very apparent that he is taking both very seriously.
Louisville is very close to home Matt likes all the recent success they are having. He also talks of them as a family and really wants that where ever he ends up. It doesn't hurt that they will move to the ACC next year as well.
Kentucky and its new regime are very close to Elam. He visited Lexington for their Friday Night Lights and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Kentucky's assistant recruiter/verbally committed quarterback from Conner High School, Drew Barker, and Elam have become very good friends. Overall he seems to be very enthralled with Kentucky.
His other schools need not to be explained why he would want to enroll there. The names Alabama, Notre Dame and Ohio State speak for themselves.
Tennessee on the other hand did not do themselves any favors when they neglected to offer Matt on his initial visit. Matt was just a toddler the last time the Volunteers won a national championship and there's no way he remembers firsthand the glory years of Phillip Fulmer. With that said, I would have to name them the school with the most ground to make up before he makes a decision. Though with all of their success in recruiting thus far with the class of 2014 don't count them out just yet.
Regardless of where he ends up Matt has to play one last year under Coach Chad Lewis at John Hardin. Elam looks to be a dominate force and, not that he needs to but, has some chances to prove himself even further when his team receives a visit from Highlands and goes into PRP to matchup against another instate prospect Daniel Seum.
Other than Elam, John Hardin has a good stable of backs to fill out their wing-t system. Khalil Frazier is a sturdy back that has some speed. Elijah Smith also impressed with his foot speed and his ability to kick it into another gear on the outside.
The Bulldogs should have an easy path back to the semi-state final where they will presumptively meet Bowling Green. If they can get past them I have a feeling this team will be holding a state championship trophy.