Meet 2014 Taylor County SG Caleb Wigginton

Caleb Wigginton just finished up a tremendous junior season for Taylor County High School. Wigginton a 6'5" 185 lb SG averaged 20 points and 6 rebounds while shooting 49% from 2-point range and 33% from 3-point range.
Wigginton led Taylor County to a 16-15 record and a berth in the 5th Region Tournament. Despite the fact that they lost in the first round 52-61 to North Hardin, Wigginton was named to the All-Tournament Team. Wigginton was also named to the All-5th Region 1st Team following the season.
Caleb is also an outstanding student as well, he sports a 4.0 GPA.
Wigginton describes his game as very versatile and says his strengths are shooting, rebounding and his jumping ability. However, Wigginton does think that he needs to work on his ball handling and his ability to create his own shot.
Wigginton has never played AAU basketball, but says he may play this year if the right circumstances present themselves.
Wigginton explained that both him and his family decided against playing AAU previously do to the large time commitment it would take. Both himself and his family prioritize family time and AAU would really take away family time that they enjoy in the Summer. However, he reiterated that he and his family would be considering it this year.
Wigginton hopes basketball will take him to college.
"I would love to play at a big school."
Check out the the full interview with Wigginton as he talks about his game, Taylor County Head Coach Jeff Kidder, his love for dunking and more.
(Donald Yaste) - What is your current height and weight?
(Caleb Wigginton) - I'm 6'5 and 185 pounds.
(DY) - How are your grades? GPA?
(CW) - I have a 4.0 gpa.
(DY) - Why did you start playing basketball?
(CW) - I started playing basketball because of my dad. We both love the game!!
(DY) - Where do you hope basketball takes you?
(CW) - I hope basketball will take me to college... I would love to play at a big school!
(DY) - How would you describe your game?
(CW) - My game is very versatile. I am a shooter but I also love to post and rebound. Dunking is one of my favorite things as well.
(DY) - What are your strengths? Weaknesses?
(CW) - My strengths are shooting, rebounding, and my jumping ability. I need to continue to work on my ball handling skills an creating my own shot.
(DY) - Is it true you've never play AAU? Why haven't you?
(CW) - Yes, it is true that I have never played AAU.. I have not done so because o the time commitment it requires.
(DY) - Do you want to play AAU this Summer?
(CW) - I am not sure if I would like to play this summer... It depends on the circumstances.
(DY) - What's changed since Coach Kidder has come into the program?
(CW) - Many things have changed since Coach Kidder has arrived. Our work ethic, will to win, and overall outlook on the game has changed. Coach has personally improved my game tremendously in a variety of areas!
One last thing, here's video courtesy of of Caleb dunking 3 times against Nelson County.
Caleb Wigginton Gets 3 Dunks